Report crime!

LEPHALALE — According to a member of the Community Policing Forum (CPF), a new criminal pattern was noticed in town.

The tendency is that a company truck comes into town, dropping off a few workers to knock on the doors of houses, trying to sell compost to the residents.

It was reported that these people have been in a specific street for a certain week, and the increase in house breakings and cases of dog poisoning during the following week is very obvious.

It was stated at the CPF meeting last week that the company and the truck can’t really be prohibited from town, but if such a truck is spotted in town, it should be reported to the police and/or CPF immediately.

Referring to another incident, Thys Eloff, chairperson of the CPF, said everyone has the right of movement, freedom and association, but if a stranger is walking in the streets in the middle of the night, you have to ask questions without being arrogant.

“You need to report crime. If you see something that is not right, talk and report it.

“The reality is that we only have a few niche officers on duty at any given time – it could vary from two to three vehicles if we are lucky. There are a limited number of vehicles. We as community are obligated to each other, to ourselves and our families to interact and report what we see. The reality is that the chances of Police acting preventatively is very slim. Reaction time is slow due to various reasons. We can close those gaps as a community. If we don’t report it to Police, can we really expect miracles? My call to the community is to seriously get involved. If you don’t want your name mentioned it’s fine. Just report it and give the details.

“The CPF represent the community – communicate with us, we will take it from there,” Eloff concluded.

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