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Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE – The question of unreported crimes was addressed last week during the meetings of the Lephalale Community Safety Forum (LGVF) as well as the community policing forum (CPF) and discussed as a critical problem.
The SAPS representative of Sector 4 which includes farms and plots, adjutant officer Jan Oberholzer, gave feedback on last month’s crime. According to his statistics six cases of house breakings (on farms) were reported last month, two of theft, one incident of rhino poaching and one incident of malicious damage.
Thys Eloff, chairman of the CPF, said that he is aware of at least two other cases of rhino poaching which means that they were not reported to the police. He added that stock theft costs the country R780 million annually – and that is just the cases that get reported.
“The problem gets overlooked if the case does not get reported. A police station’s strength depends on the percentage of crime. Our station is going backwards because the statistics show that crime is decreasing. If it looks like there are no problems, it means that some of our officers will be transferred to stations where crime is on the increase” said Eloff.
It was emphasised that in the case of crime, irrespective of the seriousness of it, the plaintiff must report it to the police and get a case number – only then are you certain that the crime is officially recorded.
“Our crime situation in Lephalale looks good on paper but there are loads of cases that are not reported. The allocations to a police station from Provincial are done according to the number of cases reported monthly” he said in conclusion.

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