Rescued donkeys better already


Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — Two donkeys were rescued by Lephalale SPCA last Saturday during their outreach to Shongoane 3.
SPCA volunteers took two of the donkeys home in order to treat their wounds and scars and to rehabilitate them.
It appears that all they have known is pain as tears streamed down the face of the young black mare as they started to clean her wounds at the outreach last Saturday. This is their reality – being forced to work from far too young an age, beatings to force them to pull a load far too heavy for them to bare, ears sliced off and sliced brand marks to identify ownership and lack of proper nourishment.
They were purchased and removed from the township. They are now being treated and cared for – a vet visited them and sedated them to clean their wounds properly, they were also dewormed and their hooves were cleaned.
They are responding well to the treatment and care and are already looking a lot better and loving the attention and feed.

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