Residents feel dumped

Ratlou Mabula
LEPHALALE — Newly relocated residents of Joe Slovo Human Settlement near Onverwacht say they feel left out after they were moved from Bantusaka, Marapong, in April 2017.
Mogol Post spoke to concerned residents who want to stay anonymous out of fear of victimisation. They say they were promised electricity by May but are still uncertain as to what the future holds.
A resident said that when they raised questions regarding their electricity they got various contradictory answers.
They are also far from shops and a place to re-fill gas and paraffin. Taxi drivers do not want to drive in to their area and if they do, they add a charge of R10 to their fare.
In the area of these 183 house-holds there are only two mobile points comprising two toilets, four taps and one plug which is used by residents to charge phones and one Apollo light.
The resident’s plea is that they are already jobless and now live in an area away from the schools and creche’s in Marapong and have no means to pay for the necessary transport to the schools in Marapong.
They appeal to leaders to at least help them get jobs for the reconstruction of Bantusaka as this could at least alleviate poverty within their residence.
In a statement from Lephalale Municipality the initial 183 housing structures which have one bedroom and a second room used as combined kitchen / sitting room are now 187. Residents are to stay here for three years and will be informed of the contractor’s action plan. Furthermore, residents will be moved in phases. There are washing lines and high mast lights.
The statement from the municipality further reads that: “Security is also provided to guard against informal invasion and that residents were happy about the relocation and felt their lives had been improved.”

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