Road blocks and drunken driving

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — The Provincial Traffic Department managed to screen 28 drivers in the beginning of August during a special operation to reduce drinking and driving and to convict offenders. They reported that they only arrested one person out of the 28 drivers that they screened. His blood alcohol level was sky high at 0.93 mg/litre.
The representative of the Provincial Traffic Department gave feedback during the Community Policing Forum (CPF) meeting on Thursday 18 August.
One of the members of the CPF reported that apparently a new “blower’ is on the market and it is so effective that there is no need to draw blood in cases of drunken driving any more.
The results of the blower is allegedly enough proof to arrest someone and to take him/her to court.
The Provincial Traffic representative said that in Lephalale, the courts prefer blood tests as proof of a person’s blood alcohol level. An attorney asked the court how a traffic officer can prove that the blower is working properly, does the officer know exactly how to use it and when last was the blower serviced to ensure optimum performance. At this stage, the blower in Lephalale is not recognised as a true reflection of a person’s blood alcohol level.
The Provincial Traffic representative was thanked by the CPF members for effective visible policing and for operations to reduce instances of drunken driving.
Members of the CPF also offered to assist the Department of Traffic during operations.
The regular road blocks by the Provincial Traffic Department were also addressed and the CPF remarked that it is a very good initiative, but they should move their location regularly.
The representative of the Municipal Traffic Department said that a new head of department had been appointed. The issue of working after hours will hopefully be addressed soon.

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