Running for Rhino’s

Bradley Schroder running the London Marathon in 2015 in the rhino suit
Bradley Schroder running the London Marathon in 2015 in the rhino suit

VAALWATER — On Saturday 21 May 2016, four South Africans will be taking the plight of the rhino to the heart of China in order to educate and raise funds for this amazing species.
Bradley Schroder (CEO of Welgevonden Game Reserve), Greg Canning (Welgevonden), Panayota Galanakis (works at Aucor Wildlife Auctions) and Wilna-Marie van Staden (Physiotherapist in Vaalwater and Modimolle) who all hail from Vaalwater will be running the Great Wall of China Marathon (42 km). Even though this marathon is deemed by runners to be one of the most difficult races in the world, Schroder and Canning will be taking it a step further by running it in rhino suites.
Two days after the marathon, they fly back to South Africa, to tackle the second part of their challenge which is to run the 89 km of the Comrades marathon on 29 May 2016, during which they will share the challenge of running in the rhino suit.
Schroder and Canning are both passionate conservationists and all four members of this team carry the cause of rhinos close to their hearts.
“We are looking for one million AMAZING people to each donate only R1.00” says Schroder. “These small amounts add up quickly and will allow us to achieve our goal of raising R1 million. Be One in a Million and make your small contribution to this amazing cause. Please ask family, friends, colleagues, clients, school friends any anyone else you can think to donate this R1.00 – YOU can make a difference!”
Braam Malherbe, well known conservationist and extreme adventurer, is endorsing this initiative. Having achieved a world-first with David Grier by running the entire length of the Great Wall of China (a distance of over 4 200 km) at the pace of a full marathon a day for 98 days, as well as being the initiator of the MyPlanet Rhino Fund (which raises approximately R250 000 pm for rhino conservation) and the founder of The DOT Foundation.
“It is really an honour to have been approached by Brad and his team to endorse this fantastic initiative, which I do whole-heartedly. Any initiative to save this iconic and keystone species from extinction should be supported. What stands out for me here is that the team are putting their bodies on the line and are simply asking the public to DOT (Do One Thing) for very little. Everyone can afford R1.” says Malherbe.
“Every South African is a custodian of the rhino and it is, in my view, our moral collective responsibility to be part of the solution. It is a genuine war out there and one does not win a war without resources, and resources cost money.
This is a simple, easy and effective way for each one of us to DOT for the rhino,” Malherbe continued.
All funds raised will go directly to rhino conservation through Save the Rhino International ( 50% of the funds raised through Save the Rhino will go towards rhino related conservation projects including protection, security and education initiatives in the Waterberg Area of the Limpopo Province, this will be managed by Save the Rhino International and Welgevonden Game Reserve NPC ( “the official website”).
Money donated to this cause is collected via JustGiving. This guarantees all donations go directly to the cause and to ensure complete transparency
“In the natural system you are either an asset or a liability. We, as a human species, are not exempt from this simple principal. Here is a fantastic way to show you are an asset. Please support this noble cause,” Malherbe added.

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