Rural Safety Forum meeting established

LEPHALALE — A Rural Safety Forum meeting was held on Wednesday 20 March from 12:00 at Mogol Club. This was the first meeting of its kind that focused on rural safety with Hennie van Deventer from Bulgerivier Community Policing Forum (CPF) as chairperson.

The structure of the meeting changed from previous rural safety meetings because Van Deventer will complete a report after every meeting after which Brigadier John Masia, Lephalale Cluster Commander, will take the report to the District Cluster meeting from where all issues will be brought under the attention of the Provincial Head. This is to ensure that all issues get addressed at a provincial level.

The question was asked who is supposed to attend the Rural Safety Forum meeting and that role players should be found for the forum.

Thys Eloff, chairperson of the Lephalale CPF said there is still a bit of confusion about the Joints meeting and the Rural Safety Forum meeting as they are two completely different structures, each with a different approach.

“We should establish who the relevant role players should be and who should attend which meetings,” he said.

Brig Masia said the people who should attend the Rural Safety Forum meeting are the farming community from all the farms and small holdings in the area, organised farming organisations like TAU, AGRI SA, the CPF, AfriForum, Agricultural unions and government departments.

“Whenever there are complaints with regards to the Department of Public Works, the Police, the Department of Education or the Municipality, they can take the issues and make sure that it gets addressed,” Brig Masia explained.

Eloff said he is a bit uncertain about the relevant government departments.

“The way I understood it, this meeting should be attended by the eight station commanders in the Cluster, organised agriculture as well as safety role players who knows the structures,” he said.

Van Deventer remarked that the Joints meeting should not be a duplicate and that the Rural Safety Forum meeting should be very focused on rural safety.

The next Rural Safety Forum meeting will be held on Wednesday 17 April from 12:00-14:00.

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