Safe shopping at Lephalale Mall — vehicle jamming detection device

LEPHALALE — Lephalale Mall has installed vehicle jamming detection devices to alert security/parking assistants to vehicle lock-jamming so they can react immediately and catch perpetrators. Security guards also patrol the premises and keep an eye out for any suspicious people roaming around the parking area, making sure safety is of the highest standard at Lephalale Mall.
Using a remote device to block or jam the locking device of a motor vehicle has unfortunately become an everyday occurrence. To create awareness regarding this criminal activity Fidelity ADT has produced a vehicle jamming detection device to minimize car jamming incidents in high risk areas such as schools, service stations as well as shopping malls. “The device scans a range of up to 150 meter radius. When it detects a jamming signal, a siren activates on the device to alert customers parked in the area of potential jamming activity” says Theunis Kotze, General Manager, Fidelity ADT.
“With these vehicle jamming detection devices, shoppers can enjoy their outings and shopping sprees without facing the misfortune of vehicle lock-jamming at Lephalale Mall. We are passionate about making sure our customers are able to shop in a pleasant, secure and safe environment and we trust that with the new vehicle jamming detection device we’ve installed, our customers will rest assured that their shopping experience will be a good one,” says Francisca Malan, General Manager, Lephalale Mall.

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