SAPS achievements

WITPOORT/TOM BURKE — A SAPS Festive Season Operation was held at Witpoort and Tom Burke Policing Areas on 11 and 12 January.
In Witpoort, the team divided into two groups and the following was achieved:
10 sachets dagga wrapped in a transparent plastic bag and one dagga plant were confiscated and two suspects, aged 38 and 54 years, were arrested at Reabetso Village and in the area of Thabo Mbeki.
Three people were arrested for violating the Road Traffic Act, 42 vehicles were stopped and searched, 115 people were searched, four business premises were visited, 52 luggage bags were searched, two taverns were visited, one filling station was visited and one taxi rank was visited.
In Tom Burke, SAPS officials, members of the CPF, YCOP and Traffic Officials took part in the operation.
Two men, aged 31 and 54 years were arrested for possession of dagga with the street value of R480; 107 motor vehicles were searched, 189 people were searched, eight summons were issued, one person was arrested for violating the Road Traffic Act (J534) and 89 luggage bags were searched.

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