SAPS back to school safety tips

Limpopo Police wish students of all ages a safe academic year. Police have already geared up with back to school campaigns to share safety tips with the parents, students and teachers.

The beginning of the year comes with excitement and drivers and pedestrians are often reminded to be alert, slow down and cross roadways safely and at the proper locations.

Safety tips for parents and young learners:
• If walking alone, plan a safe route to and from school;
• Students are advised to cross at designated crosswalks with wait for walk signals;
• Avoid walking with strangers to and from home, parents and guardians should establish a plan for school pickups by family or friends;
• Don’t play on public roads;
• Avoid lifts from strangers and taking snacks or food from anyone you don’t know; and
• Parents should assist in searching their children’s bags to ensure they don’t carry dangerous weapons or drugs to school.

Safety tips for post-secondary students:
• Be alert towards bogus institutions. Check with the relevant departments to verify accreditation;
• Avoid carrying large amounts of cash during registration;
• Lock doors at residential premises;
• Do not let any stranger into the building;
• Walk in groups whenever possible – especially at night;
• If seeking accommodation outside the campus, do it during safe hours and be accompanied by the guardians or parents; and
• Avoid depositing any cash meant for school into individual accounts.

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