SAPS: Important notification

“Please advise as many people as soon as possible. You will receive an SMS from a number similar to the one that you get bank notifications from.
The SMS will indicate a problem in your account and the ‘consultant’ will contact you. When the ‘consultant ‘ contacts you he or she will start confirming all your details and your account number and then they will ask you what kind of a phone you are using. The fraudsters will then contact your cell phone service provider and perform a SIM swap.
The fraudster will then be able to receive OTP’s (one time pins) and or RVN’s (Random Verification Number) from your bank and have access to bank accounts.
By the time you realise that your cell number is not working your money will already be drawn out of your account.
Please announce it to your loved ones. Let’s save the world from this criminals”.
 — Francois Groenewald: Specialist Investigator

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