SAVF bids farewell to caretaker, colleague

Elisa Debakker

MARAPONG — Members of the SAVF, local healthcare providers and civil organisations together with Mpepule centre for the aged, gathered for the memorial service of Elisa Debakker at SAVF One Stop Community Centre in Marapong X2 on Thursday 28 March.

The 66-year-old Debakker was a former housekeeper at Marapong Clinic. She was part of the planning team that sought to have the building of One Stop Community Centre constructed in 2006 and she partook in beauty contests for the aged at the centre.

Many speakers commended her leadership skills and the leadership role she played. Some said she was a hard worker and a respectful person with dedication for her duties.

Marapong Health Centre Manager, Sister Annamarie Ferreira, said: “Debakker’s dedication was prevalent since 2007 until 2017 when she went on pension.

“Whenever there was no electricity at the clinic she would manually boil water to make tea for the clinic staff as she lived near the clinic.

“She used to tease me whenever she consulted at the clinic, saying it was her time to be treated like a VIP since she was on pension,” Ferreira added.

SAVF Senior Social Worker, Josephine Makhuthudisa, described Debakker as a soldier who would never give up, from the formation of Mpepule and even way before the SAVF One Stop Centre had the current building.

“Her commitment to the monthly meetings at the One Stop Centre was amazing.

She would also share basic information of what was happening at Marapong Clinic with the elderly.

“I have only heard recently that she has been sick for a while and I was surprised, because since I knew her I always saw an energetic and ever smiling woman with no physical challenges. She was an eager woman who always looked forward to executing her duties.

“We also knew her as a straightforward person who wouldn’t talk behind anyone’s back but would rather tell a person in their face that they were wrong,” she said.

Debakker passed away on Thursday 21 March 2019 after illness and was buried in Onverwacht on Saturday 30 March.

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