Segwati Preschool re-visited — thanks to MHPSA!

Ria Wells
SHONGOANE – Segwati Preschool located in Shongaone 2 opened its doors during a prestigious event in 2012 with the help of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa.
A delegation from Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa, with visitors from as far afield as Japan, visited the pre-school again on the afternoon of Wednesday 15th February. This time to look at the investment that they have made in education. The delegation was pleasantly surprised by the good state of everything and wanted to see in which areas they could offer further support to make things more pleasant for the children. Mr Tanaka, Chairperson of MHPSA from Johannesburg welcomed everyone and said he is so glad to see so many smiles and bright eyes as it can only mean that parents, children and teachers are happy with the support that they are offering the school. Education is of vital importance for MHPSA and they are grateful to be able to contribute to the community.
A cheque to the value of R100 000 was handed over to an overwhelmed Erkelina Seema, school headmistress. She repeated that she did not have enough words to express her gratitude but believed that it would make a big difference and change in the lives of the children.
During his turn, Chief Shongoane said he was very excited to see so many visitors and that they had come all the way from Japan to the heart of the most rural place in the bushveld – Shongoane 2. He emphasised that the community were very grateful that MHPSA had decided to set up Segwati Preschool in their area. Chief Shongoane assured the delegation that Segwati Preshcool will be well looked after by the community and is grateful for their continued involvement in the school.
A lunch was enjoyed after the proceedings.

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