Seleka School shines brighter

SELEKA — There is an African proverb that says “It takes a village to raise a child”. In the context of South Africa, this proverb is undeniably linked to the principle of Ubuntu; a value that includes fundamental human virtues of compassion and humanity.
Ubuntu raises ideas of “I am what I am because of who we all are” and suggests that the success of a child, and ultimately future generations, depends on the togetherness of a community. Nowhere is this more important than in education.
A recent initiative, driven by AC and C South Africa, has brought a heartwarming sense of Ubuntu to the Limpopo province in the form of a brand new school for the children, parents and teachers of Seleka; a small village 100 km north of Lephalale.
The AC and C South Africa/Seleka School Project was supported by various local and external role players, as well as the Lephalale Unemployment Forum, who were instrumental in identifying Seleka as a village in need of support.
AC and C received an overwhelming and somewhat humbling reponse to this project as companies and private donors from all over South Africa opened their hearts to the 30+ children and families of Seleka.
Over R250 000 was donated by means of building material, labour, transport, classroom structures, tables, chairs, backpacks, lunchboxes, TVs, mattresses, food, toys, books, toiletries and more. Daily conditions have been greatly improved for the children, as young as six months, as they will no longer sleep on the sandy floor and nappies will be changed on proper changing mats, instead of on the bare ground. They now finally have a solid and weatherproof classroom for lessons, and simple human neccessities such as clean running water and safe electricity has made the world of difference in the lives of these children and teachers.
The new Seleka School was officially opened on Wednesday 8th November, with many bright and cheerful faces present to witness the new hope that was ignited, proving that when we, as South Africans come together, a large change happening in a small village, can have effects that extend far beyond its picket fences.
Many thanks to all the sponsors who were part of the project and made it possible.

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