Sewage issues

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — Mogol Post often receives complaints in regards to sewage. The last complaints were from a house owner near Waterbessie Street in Onverwacht and residents near Thabazimbi Ave. They have been complaining for four weeks now and they still have to suffer the consequences of a broken pump station or whatever the reason for the situation is. Please see the questions and answers that Mogol Post asked the Lephalale Municipality below.
I visited the area several times and it’s progressively getting worse. The residents cannot live in these circumstances.
The pump station opposite Palm Park doesn’t work at all but a brand new generator is waiting behind bars for a possible power failure. And in the meantime the smell is unbearable and it is a health risk. What happened to the Pump Station donated by Palm Park? What is the reason for the ill functioning of the pump? And please do not tell me that it is foreign objects that landed in the sewage system. It is the standard answer and it definitely not the only reason. There is a problem and we have to find a solution.
I know that the sewage emergency team was on strike for two weeks because they haven’t received overtime payment and therefore the emergency number was unattended to. Why haven’t they received overtime payment? Is the sewage system not priority?
The sewage situation in town cannot go on like this. The town’s sewage system is not working. Why?
Below is the response from the Lephalale Municipality after Mogol Post specifically requested detailed and complete answers.
Standby team:
Payment for overtime was a labour issue, which has since been resolved. We are happy to report that the sewage team is currently on standby and ready to take calls.
Pump station 23 (Palm Park):
A service provider has been appointed by the Department of Water and Sanitation, for the upgrade of pump station 23 (Palm Park). The designs have been completed and the contractor should be on site within the next week.
Sewage network:
The bulk of the infrastructure networks in Lephalale are more than 30 years old, the Municipality has therefor put several contracts in place for the upgrade of not only the sewage- but the water network as well. The Municipality is in the process of appointing a contractor for the operation and maintenance of all the pump stations as well as the Paarl Waste Water treatment plant. Previous attempts to appoint a service provider failed, as contractors were non-responsive.

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