Sickening sewage saga

The park in Fox Odendaal Street has been plagued by leaking sewage for over a year
The park in Fox Odendaal Street has been plagued by leaking sewage for over a year

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — Mogol Post recently received more complaints regarding sewerage from residents of Zebra Village in Onverwacht – their courtyards were overflowing with raw sewage according to some of the residents and the situation worsened during the past three weeks. Mogol Post is in possession of a letter written by the rental company, urging the municipality to do something about the situation. A call to the emergency number informed them that there are no extra pumps available.
Mogol Post also asked the municipality what their plans are regarding the dysfunctional Pump Station 23 opposite Palm Park Hotel.
Mogol Post also asked the municipality exactly what the problem is, how they are going to fix it and what the plans are to prevent a recurrence of the problem.
“Please address the sewage issue in town. Sewage is considered an extreme health hazard and is no longer treated as such; previously a sewage spill would require a cleaning operation but now it floods the streets and parks with no repercussion. Will the Municipality be responsible if Lephalale’s community falls ill due to the various sewage problems? What are the chances that Exxaro might manage or assist with the sewage?” are some of the questions that Mogol Post presented to the Municipal Manager in an email.
The municipality responded as follows: “The Municipality is resolving the sewerage problems encountered in Town and Marapong. We are presently implementing a project to erect new screens at pump station 23 so that the foreign materials that are dumped into systems do not damage the pumps. Included also is the refurbishment of electrical panels and installation of new pumps at pump station 23. The Municipality is in a process of appointing a service provider to address operations and maintenance of sewer infrastructure in Town, Onverwacht and Marapong. The old sewer pumps are taken for repairs and will be installed to solve problems at sewer pump stations that are without pumps. The sewer blockage issue at Zebra Village was resolved and attended to by the maintenance team on Friday, 29 July 2016”. On enquiry, a resident of Zebra Village confirmed that the issue is resolved.
On the question of whether Exxaro can play a role in managing and upgrading the sewage system, the Municipality said that they are communicating with Exxaro for assistance on operation and maintenance of some of the sewer works. They say that there are certain projects that have been earmarked to address capacity challenges as well, that will be implemented by the Municipality starting this financial year.
“The operation and maintenance is an on-going process and we appeal to the members of the public to work with us so that we curb the challenges we are faced with. Materials such as baby nappies, bathing cloths, condoms, panty liners and paving bricks are found in the sewer manholes and pipes, causing blockages and damaging the pumps” they concluded.

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