Six weeks in bed

Staff members and principal Adriaan Joubert with Xander van der Poll

LEPHALALE — Hoёrskool Ellisras kicked February off with a great start. On Friday 1 February, Hoёrskool Ellisras was visited by Xander van der Poll, a motivational speaker, that changed the perspective of how we looked at life and that we can’t expect the unexpected.

Xander told us his life-changing story. He fell from a tree eight feet onto a protruding root and upon impact he couldn’t feel his legs. He waited approximately an hour before an ambulance arrived. At the hospital they did a variety of tests, diagnosing him with a slight pneumothorax – air build up in the chest cavity. They identified that his T12 vertebra was shattered. There was a piece of debris lodged in his spinal cord which explained the lack of sensation and movement in his legs. He had flat bed rest for six weeks.

Although Xander went through this tragic accident, he remained positive and enthusiastic about his life. Before the accident, Xander played rugby and now he is training to take part in an upcoming wheelchair racing event. He is also continuing his studies in becoming a doctor. He is also involved in the charity “Walking with Brandon”. Xander truly is an inspiration for all. Follow Xander on Instagram to be a part of his journey: @six_weeks_in_bed

(Joey Vorster is Head Girl at Hoërskool Ellisras)

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