Solutions in the new year?

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE – Various role players attended the first meeting of the Community Policing Forum (CPF) for 2017 last Thursday.
Thys Eloff, chairman of the CPF in Lephalale, emphasised that there are various problems in Lephalale that simply do not improve or get resolved, but expressed his hope that they will get special attention this year.
He started by addressing the year-long irritation of the advertising posters of supposed “doctors” that get glued to every lamp post and street sign. He said these “doctors” come in from elsewhere, deface the town and then make empty and false promises that can eventually lead to a disaster.
The high number of vehicle collisions that took place in the area during the festive season was described as worrying. Eloff said most of the incidents were suspected of being alcohol related. The CPF members agreed that general lawlessness prevails in the town and that steps are not really taken against the perpetrators.
The hawkers who apply their trade on the paved area behind Boxer without the provision of any toilet facilities was also discussed.

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