SPCA/Exarro Cat Project

LEPHALALE — The SPCA Lephalale announced on Thursday 15 February the refurbishment and upgrade of the SPCA clinic container currently situated on the SPCA premises.

The shipping container, originally donated by MPSJV for the clinic on the SPCA’s premises, will be resurfaced and refurbished with new theatre equipment and various supplies required in order for it to be a fully functioning clinic. This clinic will be used by the SPCA to provide a service to the community and EXXARO who is sponsoring the upgrade.

This is the first phase of the Exxaro/SPCA Feral Cat Project that aims to take the first steps towards spaying/neutering the feral (homeless undomesticated) cat colonies on EXXARO Grootegeluk mine.

The project was initiated by Johan Wepener, General Manager at Grootegeluk, when he called all interested parties together to develop a strategy, with the help of the SPCA, so as to address the problem of the feral cat populations on the mine. One of the main concerns is the interbreeding of these domestic cats on the mine with the indigenous African Wildcats in the area.

The intent of the project is for the SPCA to humanely trap and evaluate the health of each cat so as to ensure that they can live a free roaming lifestyle. All healthy cats will be vaccinated spayed/neutered as well as have their ear tipped to identify them as being altered before they are released back to their familiar environment on the mine. Kittens and tame cats will be available for adoption at the SPCA. The project will kick off as early as May 2018.

Please follow the progress of the first fifty cats by liking the Lephalale/Ellisras SPCA page.

Any enquiries can be directed to Erika Tempel, Vice-Chairperson, Lephalale SPCA

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