SPCA/Exxaro feral cat project

LEPHALALE — SPCA Lephalale has achieved great success with Exxaro Grootegeluk Mine agreeing to contribute financially towards humanely dealing with the feral cat population in their area.

Dr Renee van Rheede van Oudtshoorn, a volunteer for the Community and Veterinary Services SA (CVSSA), says the company as a NGO, see this project as “a remarkable achievement and an honourable deed from Exxaro’s side, showing their humanity and compassion, even as a corporate or industrial entity”.

She says it is common that industrial and corporate bodies often feel feral cat populations are not their problem to resolve. “The reality is that these cats are only in the area because of their businesses. These populations are often left to breed uncontrollably. This overpopulation increases animal welfare issues as well as increased risk of health and safety in the work place due to zoonotic diseases like Rabies.

“By humanely trapping, sterilising, vaccinating, deworming and then releasing these animals, we are creating a stable healthy feral cat population. These returned animals will continue to play a vital role in pest control as well as in keeping new cats out of their territory,” she said.

Van Rheede van Oudshoorn concluded by saying that decreasing the risk of non-vaccinated cats (especially against Rabies disease) of entering the premises increases work place safety.

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