STIC – role players absent


LEPHALALE — A STIC (Stock Theft Information Centre) was due to be formed during the Rural Safety meeting on 17 April, but Douw Pelser, Chairperson of the Stock theft Prevention Forum, said owing to the absence of essential role players, it was not possible.

“I invited representatives of LEDET (Limpopo Department of Economic Development and Environment and Tourism) and the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) as well as the Stock Theft Unit, but all of them failed to attend,” Pelser said.

He said the reason for a STIC is to assist the Police and the overall purpose of a STIC is to establish a representative structure of stock owners and to prevent stock theft in future.

“We have to help the Police. Stock theft happens every day, and we are not even aware of it because it never gets reported and therefore no-one followes it up,” he said.

According to Pelser, it is an instruction from the National Office that there should be at least 13 STIC’s in Limpopo because there are 13 clusters.

“At this stage, only two STIC’s are running, and we would have been number three. We only have two members at the Stock Theft Unit, and they don’t have enough vehicles. We can help them by being their eyes and ears on the ground.”

Hennie van Deventer, who chaired the meeting, said his request would be to ensure that stock theft gets reported to Police. Police cannot respond if no incidents get reported.

“The rural cluster coordinators have been briefed that police stations have to be more aligned to it. It is not up to national standards where 65% of cases get reported,” he concluded.

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