Stick to the law

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — CPF patrollers had their hands full controlling a crowd on Wednesday night 22 June at an incident in Walter Sisulu Ave when the community wanted to take the law into their own hands.
According to Kobus Coetzer, a CPF member, the mob wanted to “sort out” a burglar and at a stage he was worried that the crowd was going to kill the suspect. “It became a very dangerous situation and I don’t know if it is worth putting your life at stake to save another person’s life” he said. They were waiting for the police to arrive on the scene when things got out of hand. The CPF had to get permission to take the suspect to the police station, because after he was handcuffed the crowd started to beat him with sticks and kick him. Coetzer says it was impossible to stop them.
Station commander Lieutenant Colonel, Daniel Ramkgoakgoa thanked the CPF for assisting the police with the case. “Let’s keep doing it like that. What they did is against the law. How far are they from the law? I don’t know where this comes from”
Lt. Col. Ramkgoakgoa said.

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