Stinky town

Pump station 1
Pump station 1

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — The smell of sewage is everywhere in Lephalale. Mogol Post received several phone calls from business owners tearing their hair out over this smelly, not to mention unhealthy, situation.
On Monday 7 March, the pump station in OR Tambo was still dysfunctional. The brand new generator serving no purpose. There is no security guard in sight and the toilet is a mess. In short – pump station 23 is a disaster and the water of the Mogol River is being polluted with sewage. This same water is used to irrigate vegetables.
The second stop was at Incledon in the light industrial area. Toilet paper was flowing out of the man hole on their premises and the parking area was flooded with sewage water. Managing Director Michelle Harding said to the Mogol Post that this happens at least once every two weeks. She also says that Incledon tendered for the upgrading of Lephalale Municipality’s sewage system in June last year, but as far as she knows, the municipality never executed the project. On Wednesday morning Michelle confirmed via sms that the situation got worse during the night and that the whole yard was full of sewage.
The residents of Kloppenheim Flats are fed up with the smell of sewage and the health hazard posed by sewage flowing into their swimming pools and onto their paving; toilet paper and raw sewage pours out of man holes. This has been the case every now and then since 2014. According to management, they took this up with the municipality on several occasions. Mogol Post is in possession of the letters written to the municipality’s Mpho Molatsi and others. Apart from the health hazard and bad odours in the complex, the raw sewerage is allowed to flow into the adjacent storm water channel and from there it is released into the Mogol River.
On enquiry to Lephalale Municipality they said that due to aging infrastructure and a rapidly growing town, Lephalale local Municipality (LLM) is currently facing a serious challenge related to sewage.
To address this challenge several stakeholders have been brought on board to assist the Municipality. These stakeholders include Eskom, who will assist in the refurbishment of Paarl Waste Water treatment plant. The plant is currently running at full capacity and therefore the operational capacity needs to be increased. Boikarabelo Mine will build a 16 Mega liter waste water plant at Marapong which will alleviate the current lack of capacity at the Zongesien plant.
The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) has appointed HWA contractors to refurbish the sewer network in Lephalale. Thus far they have completed the refurbishment of pump stations 28, 2, 3 and 25 (Marapong). They installed a pipe line from pump station 33 to 23. They have also installed new electrical panels at pump station 27.
It is the intention of the Municipality in partnership with DWS to facilitate and expedite the refurbishment of the whole sewer network in Lephalale and LLM is committed to establishing a sustainable and efficient sewer network.
Pump station 23
LLM is in the process of finalizing an agreement with Palm Park Hotel for the installation of new pumps at pump station 23. On Tuesday this week the pump broke down due to foreign material which got caught up in the system. The new pumps (Gorman Rupp) which will be installed, will eradicate a lot of the problems due to the fact that they are not submerged and will be easier to maintain.
Lephalale Municipality met with the Management of Kloppenheim on several occasions. Pump station 1, which is next to Kloppenheim is currently operational. The problem lies with the connection from Kloppenheim to the pump station which was built at the wrong angle.
Even though the pump station is currently in good working order, sewage flows back into Kloppenheim’s property. Kloppenheim Management has been advised on several occasions to build a sump fitted with a pump to pump sewage to the pump station through a pipe which is connected at a higher level. This will prohibit sewage from flowing back into Kloppenheim.

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