“Stock theft out of hand”

BESKA — It was reported at the Rural Safety meeting on Wednesday 19 June that poaching is getting out of hand in the Beska area.

PT van Staden, a game farmer, reported that there are four to five incidents of illegal dog hunting on farms in the area per day and that his neighbour lost 150 impalas last year due to illegal hunting and theft.

Col Lucas Mabote from Lephalale SAPS Cluster, replied that stakeholders such as Nature Conservation should attend the Rural Safety meeting so that they can be aware of and assist in regards to such incidents.

According to Van Staden, they’ve been battling with stock theft and illegal dog hunting for years now, and he can confirm that the poachers live in neighbouring villages.

“They carry the meat over the river, or if we have a tracker on them, they leave the meat behind. Sometimes vehicles are a part of the mission.

This is a huge economic threat to our country – you can make the calculations,” Van Staden concluded.

Col Mabote ordered other police members who attended the meeting to join Van Staden to the Department of Nature Conservation to get clarity.

Van Staden also urged that the Beska community and surroundings need police visibility in the areas.

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