Support camp empowers


BALTIMORE — A wise man once said that “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Approximately 360 Grade 12’s from the Baltimore Circuit have taken that one step by attending the winter support camp, hosted at Kgobuki Primary from 26 June to 8 July 2016.
The world out there is a dynamic and exciting place and nowhere is this felt as much as in all the tertiary opportunities out there. Baltimore Circuit has the motto “Every child matters”. The support camps form a foundation on which the Grade 12 learners can build towards completing their Grade 12 examinations successfully.
Learners were accommodated at the school to enable longer periods of contact time. There was a team of hard working ladies who made sure that there were no empty stomachs. Grade 12 subject educators from in and outside of the circuit assisted with classes during the two week period. A number of students from TUKS (Pretoria) also volunteered to help with extra classes.
Learners who were interviewed felt that they had gained more insight and felt more confident about their preparation for the Grade 12 exams. It was also a bonus to meet new friends and interact with learners from other schools in the circuit.
The Baltimore management forum thanks every person who contributed towards the success of the support camp. They further wish all the Grade 12’s and their families and schools a lot of luck and perseverance over this momentous period of preparation for the big exams later in the year.
Remember there is life after the Grade 12 exams, and what’s more, it’s a life worth working hard towards!

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