Suspect hunted illegally

OVERYSSEL — Reward Sibanda, a Zimbabwean citizen, was arrested last weekend by members of the Heritage Protection Group (HPG) for being in possession of a firearm and ammunition not registered in his name as well as the illegal hunting of game.
The suspect is employed by a safari lodge in the Villa Nora policing area where the incident took place.
According to Sakkie Louwrens of HPG the suspect took the owners safe keys unlawfully, used the firearm and then returned it. He does not have a firearm license or the competency to handle a firearm. Louwrens said he was arrested after thorough interrogation of the other farm workers.
Mogol Post spoke to Captain Ditsela, Station Commander of Villa Nora SAPS on Monday and he confirmed that the suspect appeared in Witpoort Magistrate’s Court on cases of the illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition and illegal hunting.
He wasn’t granted bail and the case was postponed to Wednesday 29 November.

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