Sustainability in environment the aim

Elana Greyling
SHONGOANE — The Bopanang Bangalong women’s group from Shongoane 4 is a group with a mission. “We aim to live sustainably within our community and our environment,” says chairperson, Emmy Modise. They care about the environment and fight for environmental and gender justice. “We believe that the change starts in our hearts and that is where and why we can make a difference, one woman at a time.”
During their last meeting, feedback was given on the authorization of the Groothoek coal mining company who wants to build an open pit coal mine inside the residential area of Lephalale town. Information was given on the Lephalale coal and power project that has started an EIA process in the Beska-area. This will directly affect people in the Seleka and Shongoane areas. Even though these projects promise jobs, the cost to local communities in health threats, safety and the impact of pollution is considered to be great.
The group also develops skills of their members. They all crocheted a slipper to keep feet warm during the winter. Baking a chocolate cake or cupcakes for a celebration is easier than one thinks. A demonstration was given and a huge chocolate-coffee cake was baked and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.
The group meets on a monthly basis.

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