Systematic chaos at Labour

Ratlou Mabula
LEPHALALE — It has come to the attention of Mogol Post that most people who go to the Department of Labour are often left disappointed.
The system goes offline and slow service, which some complainants say is due to the department not having enough staff, are some of the challenges allegedly faced daily.
The department says it is aware of the situation and is working hard to get their operations in order.
The department’s Regional Manager, Phillip Mosima, told Mogol Post that they are very concerned as the reason for their office’s existence is to provide a service to the community. Mosima said they are concerned about clients lodging complaints and that they are currently not offering a proper service.
He acknowledged that there are times when their system goes offline but this doesn’t happen daily as indicated by some complainants.
In response to accusations about the slow service, he said: “When a staff member leaves the desk for any reason there is another who remains. In case there is only one official, we have agreed that the official on duty shortens their lunch-time. We are currently discussing this issue and hope to have it resolved soon. We also use officials from other units when needed”
Mosima asks for the public to be patient as they are always willing to do the best they can.
“The system is sometimes slow which is a frustration for both us and the public”, he said.

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