Teacher laid to rest

MARAPONG — Nelsonskop Primary School lost their second teacher in consecutive years. Me Lehlogonolo Maria Segodi (60), a Head of Department at Nelsonskop Primary in Marapong, was one of the three members of the Enlightened Christian Gathering who died at the church premises on 28 December 2018 during a stampede in Pretoria.

During a memorial service held on Thursday 10 January, Me Segodi was described by her colleagues as a humble, punctual and a loving person who created great moments that are worth remembering.

She joined Nelsonskop in January 2009 and at the time of her death more than 12 teachers worked under her supervision.

An emotional Mrs MM Kekana, Nelsonskop Primary School Principal, told mourners that she tried to call Segodi several times towards the cross over to this year. Not knowing that Segodi had passed on she also attempted to go to her house to check if she was okay.

“I got so worried and it was on Thursday of the first week that I got the bad news of her passing from fellow teachers.”

A family member who was the programme director at the funeral, Bishop TW Papo shared the details surrounding her death.

“Mrs. Segodi left Marapong on Friday 28 December 2018 and travelled to Pretoria where there was a mass gathering. As she was waiting to get into the main hall of international guests there was a sudden storm and some congregants panicked. As they started running in fear, she was one of those who fell and was trampled.

She died on the scene together with two other members of the church.

12 other people were injured, taken to hospital and later discharged,” said Papo.

Papo said some of her belongings were lost and never found.

In addition, the church couldn’t identify some of the people due to their belongings being missing, however an envelope with the number of the department of education was found in her clothes and this assisted in locating her colleagues and ultimately her family.

Segodi was the last deceased to be returned to her family, hence, she was buried a week after two others.

At the time of her passing she was to officially retire and go on pension.

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