The forming of STIC

LEPHALALE — It was decided at the Rural Safety Forum meeting on Wednesday 20 March that a Stock Theft Information Centre (STIC) should be formed in the Lephalale area and the operations of STIC will be discussed as a separate point on the agenda at future Rural Safety meetings.

Douw Pelser, Chairperson of the Provincial Stock Theft and Prevention Forum, said stock theft increased by 60% in this area compared to the same time last year. Cases of small calves being slaughtered in the Villa Nora policing area increased. He said calves were slaughtered, their intestines removed and the rest of their bodies left at the scene. “There are serious problems with sheep and goat theft in the villages,” Pelser said.

Pelser furthermore explained that game theft forms part of the statistics of stock theft.

“Stock Theft Commander, Col Mogale, said when stock or game theft is reported the police will follow it up and the case will eventually be given over to LEDET (Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism) for further investigations.

Pelser emphasized the importance of forming a STIC in the area. “There are three different areas within Limpopo where stock theft is very common, namely Mathala, Dennilton and Seshego – that are the hot spots. What is needed to form a STIC is the Red Meat Producers Organisation, the National Prosecuting Authority and Stock Theft Commanders – we have two stock theft members in town and we need them at this meeting. There are eight Station Commanders in the Lephalale Cluster and we need them present at the STIC meeting and we need any farmer who is available and willing to help to prevent stock and game theft in their area. That is how a STIC is formed,” said Pelser. He said STIC should be part of the Rural Safety Forum meeting and it will make it easier for Police to know where there are problems in the area. It will also reach Col Mogale’s desk much quicker.

Pelser undertook to invite the above-mentioned role players, someone from the NPA, farmers and SAPS Commanders to the next meeting on 17 April.

“Stock theft in Limpopo has increased with 47,2% since last year. Our province has made the second largest jump from National (only the Eastern Cape had a 65% jump over Christmas last year). We have a problem in our province where people do not report it. We, as life stock owners, must make sure that our fences are in good condition, our animals are branded and to report any crime at the local police station,” said Pelser.

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