The joys of camping — Waterberg Academy

VAALWATER — The Grade 8 and 9 groups from Waterberg Academy camped at Bush pigs from Monday to Thursday 18-21 June. They were accompanied by Mrs Raubenheimer and Mr Roux, who reported to Mr Mark Godfrey, headmaster, that the camp authorities described the learners of Waterberg Academy as the best-behaved group they had had the pleasure of hosting in recent years.

The theory of using a triangle for strength is tested by the
Grade 8 and 9 groups

The wide range of activities that the learners partook in were run by the camp personnel. According to the learners, each of the activities was a challenge of ingenuity, and many demanded courage and fortitude.

They reported that their Technology lessons were of particular value in the bridge building exercise and that the supervisor remarked that the learners handled this much better than many adult groups.

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