Tielelo’s Matric Farewell

MARAPONG — The Grade 12 learners of Tielelo Secondary School held the 2019 Matric Farewell Dance at Ashanti Lodge on Thursday 17 October.

Members of the School Governing Body, parents and teachers sent messages of support to learners, encouraging them to go out of basic education phase in style and represent Lephalale well wherever they will be going to further their studies.

One of the longest-serving teachers at Tielelo, Mr ME Nyama, thanked learners for their presence at the school for the past years and consistency from entry-level of primary education.

“Not everyone can reach Grade 12 ultimately. Throughout your journey up until here, you have shown resilience and sacrificed a lot, that is why you managed to reach the matric class of 2019.

“You have shown perseverance, and it is our wish that you do well and produce the results that look as good as you are today.

“Learning is not joyful, but its results are great, and it is also a preparation for you to be a better person in life. You must remember that the roots of education are bitter while its fruits are sweet.

“May it be that, when the MEC of Education in Limpopo announces this year’s results in 2020, we have one or two of our own who have put the school on the map,” said Nyama.

He also encouraged them to emulate the previous matriculants of the school who have done well.
 Tielelo Secondary School Principal, MM Racheku, reminded the matriculants of the 12-year journey they travelled before reaching the current class.

“As the school given the responsibility to educate you, it has not been an easy one to help you produce results that got you here.

“We have gone an extra mile to help you do better, and today you have arrived at your Basic Education destination. Go and become good ambassadors of the school, the district, the province and the country.

“I also thank fellow educators for the teamwork as together we have ensured you get extra lessons as well as weekend studies.

“We have introduced evening classes to accommodate learners – be available to be assessed by educators who have presented themselves to assist you. I wish you all the best,” said Racheku.

(Photo Credit: AlexCadoo Photography)

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