Tortured for dogfighting?

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE — Liana van der Linden, trainee inspector at Lephalale SPCA, made a gruesome discovery in the field behind Herman Street on Wednesday 1 March when she was driving back to the SPCA from Herman Street.
She discovered a dead pit bull bitch hanging from a tree. She had a choke chain around her neck.
She realised that the chain was just long enough for the dog to be fine while she was standing up, but too short for her to sit of lie down. The choke strangled her to death.
Her ears were also cropped, but according to Liana, it was obvious that scissors were used to crop the ears. Apart from the fact that it is against the law to crop a dog’s ears, it was done by an unskilled person.
Liana says they couldn’t find a microchip because the body of the dog was too bloated.
The autopsy indicated that she was an adult dog between the age of two and four. It also shows that she died of exhaustion and strangulation somewhere between Sunday 26 February and Monday 27 February.
After a member of the SPCA management enquired about the incident at a pit bull expert, he said that this incident was not too unusual. This method is used by pit bull owners who take part in dogfighting competitions to test the dog’s endurance and will to survive and live. If the dog survives, it means that she is suitable for dogfighting.
Liana says the dog was in a very good condition without any obvious marks on her body.
Anyone with any information whatsoever regarding this incident or similar incidents are requested to contact Cheryl Oosthuysen on 084 506 8504.

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