Total shutdown — stick to the law

LEPHALALE — A letter from the Lephalale Unemployment Forum (LUF), in which business owners and individuals are requested to take part in a total shutdown of Lephalale on 3 and 4 December 2018, was handed out by members of the LUF in the Lephalale area during the past weeks.

It is stated that the LUF wants to remove Lephalale Municipality Mayor, Cllr Jack Maeko, from his position.

They are also asking businesses to assist in donations and sponsorships.

Mogol Post were inundated with questions and asked the assistance of SAPS Lephalale Station Commander, Lt Col Daniel Ramakgoakgoa.

“The business people and community members must know that the police are aware of the threats going around. From our side we are ready, however we cannot stop any peaceful protest. The march must be peaceful – if we experience any threats or intimidation, the people will be arrested and charged. In cases where roads are blocked or if anything is damaged, you will be arrested and charged.

“NO business should be threatened or asked for any donation by force.

“Those who are organizing a total shutdown should know that any illegal action taken will be followed up with imprisonment being a reality,” Col Ramakgoakgoa said.

In the meantime, Thys Eloff, chairperson of the Community Policing Forum (CPF), has announced that the CPF is aware of the letter about a total shutdown and the CPF has already met with the LUF.

“We will provide accurate and factual information at all levels by Friday so that the community can be fully informed,” Eloff said.

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