Traffic control inadequate?

Leoni Kruger
LEPHALALE – “There is no law enforcement from the traffic department in Onverwacht. You can drive with any vehicle and simply ignore all the stop signs.” This was a complaint raised by many during last week’s Community Policing Forum (CPF) meeting.

 Members were angry as traffic officials are seldom seen in Onverwacht but they can be spotted day after day on OR Tambo avenue opposite the testing grounds intercepting traffic.

“They are not seen where there are problems daily,” was said.

 Somebody else commented that you never see a traffic official on the road to Medupi. “There is a 100 km speed limit on that road but no one adheres to it. The vehicles sometimes drive three abreast in a two lane road to overtake each other and nobody bats an eye. Where are the law enforcement then?” they remarked.
 Another request that came out of the meeting is that there is a problem at the four way stop on the road from Exxaro – motorists use this as a yield sign and do not stop. The road is apparently also not sufficiently marked.
 On enquiring at the Lephalale Municipality Traffic Department, they said “despite the fact that the Municipality has limited human resources, our traffic officers are doing their best to patrol and enforce the National Road Traffic Act throughout Lephalale, Onverwacht included.
 Traffic fines are issued out to whoever is found to be in contravention of the Act. O.R Tambo Avenue (R510 road) is the main provincial road in Lephalale with high traffic volume, therefore it shouldn’t be surprising that traffic officers are often seen along this road. However, that shouldn’t be misconstrued to mean that there is no traffic law enforcement in other areas. Our records indicate that traffic fines are being issued at various locations throughout the Municipal area of Lephalale.
 It needs to be acknowledged that due to a shortage of traffic officers, their visibility might not meet everybody’s expectations. The Municipality and the Provincial Traffic Department are doing their best with the little human resources at their disposal to reduce road accidents.
 We understand that we cannot win the fight against irresponsible, reckless, negligent and drunken driving alone; we therefore call upon the community to report any act of criminality or violation of the Traffic Act to the police or traffic department at 014 762 1400 0r 014 763 2201”.

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