Uncollected waste a risk

MARAPONG — A few residents of Captain Thulare Park informal settlement near Phegelelo High School in Marapong notified Mogol Post about waste that has not been collected in their area for weeks.

One concerned resident, Kone Mbedzi, says the area’s ward committee had been consulted about the matter and nothing has been done.

Mbedzi says he has tried to contact the municipality to address the issue. To his suprise he would see waste pick-up trucks pass by to other areas in Marapong and not to their informal settlement for collection.

“We fear for the hygiene and safety of our kids here. Sometimes residents dump dead animals in these dumping sites and the smell becomes terrible. We address these issues and they are not attended to in time.”

He says when he escalates matters to ward councillors he is referred back to the ward committee, who then tell him he has to contact the municipality.

Lephalale Local Municipality says it is aware of the challenges at Thulare Park and Marapong in general as they are currently clearing the affected sites. “What caused the delay was that trucks were unable to empty the skip bins in Thulare Park as they are too heavy due to the type of waste disposed inside. The municipality uses compactor trucks to load and empty the skip bins, if the bins are filled with building materials and ashes and waste are burnt inside, it becomes too heavy for the truck to load. Ideally, the skip bins are emptied by a skip loader truck which the municipality does not currently have.”

Due to the population growth and littering, the Municipality says it will conduct awareness campaigns to educate the public on the type of waste that must be disposed in skip bins and to engage with building contractors as well as the community at large, to arrange for disposal of construction and demolition waste with the Municipality.

Furthermore, the municipality says household waste collection is done once a week and when residents face waste collection problems they should contact the waste management department’s PJ Hlapa and E Mashishi on 014 763 2193.

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