VCP at Steenbokpan

STEENBOKPAN — A sector of the Matlabas Plaaswag at Steenbokpan requested for a Vehicle Control Point (VCP) at Steenbokpan due to particular challenges the Steenbokpan community experiences.

The informal settlement in Steenbokpan is growing, and some of the farmers have concerns about stock theft as well as poaching of smaller game. They experience an increase in those activities.

As a result, there was a request from the Steenbokpan sector to set up a VCP for the afternoon of 6 May. It was very effective, all the parties worked well together.

SAPS Lephalale presented two vehicles, and six vehicles were given by the Matlabas Plaaswag, who also supplied roadblock equipment.

20 vehicles were stopped and searched (it’s not many vehicles, but according to the results) achieved, it was significant.

Three people were fined for driving without a driver’s license, 53 people were searched, and other fines were issued.

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