Villa Nora SAPS — residents concerned

Tebogo Tlhako
SHONGOANE — The inadequate response time and official bad behaviour of Villa Nora SAPS came under fire at a community meeting held in Shongoane-Melville on Wednesday 10 February.
One community member said it doesn’t help to call the police, as they take too long to respond on a call-out. He also complained that they do not apologise or show any remorse about the fact that it took them so long to arrive. Another resident said some members of Villa Nora SAPS do not react to small children drinking liquor in public.
The same applies for Phahladira. A concerned resident suggested that stricter action should be taken against tavern owners that sell alcohol to children.
A similar meeting was held in Ditloung earlier where the community asked Jack Maeko, Lephalale Mayor, to talk to the station commander about the inadequate response time of the police.
Maeko said that “Operation Fiela” needs to be organised in due course in order to clean out Spaza shops which are mostly occupied by foreigners with no legal permits.
Villa Nora SAPS Station Commander, Captain Ditsela, said the reason why it may seem that the police take too long to respond on call-outs, is that they may be busy in another area – also responding on a call-out. He said Villa Nora SAPS covers a huge area and sometimes they only have one vehicle and two officers on duty.
“Our officials are aware that Lephalale is a vastly growing area with huge economic developments. They promised us that the situation will be better within due course. Villa Nora SAPS will get more staff and equipment that will enable us to do a better job to protect the community and to keep them safe” Capt. Ditsela added. He also said “Operation Fiela” should be a weekly project to get rid of all the criminals in society.
“We cannot have a situation where children are roaming the streets with alcohol and police not doing anything about it”, he concluded.

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