Walker, 80 and a new book

Clive with his son Anton, daughter in law, Rene, and grandchildren Tristan and Aiden
Clive with his son Anton, daughter in law, Rene, and grandchildren Tristan and Aiden

VAALWATER — Well-known Vaalwater writer, Clive Walker, celebrated his 80th birthday in style on Wednesday 15 June by releasing his new book.
Walker invited friends, family and the community to join in his celebrations held at a restaurant and art gallery in Vaalwater.
His new book, River of Gold, Narratives and Exploration of the Great Limpopo, is a collaboration with two other writers Peter Norton and Michael Gardner.
“The idea for the book started in Shelly Zeederberg’s garden on the occasion of her daughter’s wedding in 2003. I mentioned to author Vincent Carruthers that it was about time someone wrote the full story of the Limpopo River,” Walker said.
“Research, travel, writing and photography for the book took us two years and I spent an additional seven months editing, writing, and selecting pictures and assisting in production design and proof reading,” Walker added.
This is the fifth time that Walker has collaborated with other authors on a project such as the book River of Gold.
Readers should find the book for sale in any good bookshop as well as CNA and Exclusive Books in Pretoria and Polokwane.
“The second chapter of the book that describes the source of the Limpopo River should be particularly interesting for readers,” Walker said.
Walker wants to thank his family and especially his wife Conita who had to put up with his absence from home; as well as Nicky and Strilli Oppenheimer for their kind sponsorship towards this project.

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