Water misery

LEPHALALE — The lack of water pressure and having no water in Onverwacht have been progressive for at least the past two years. The replacement of the asbestos water pipes by the contractor company Chau Civils was proverbial the cherry on the cake.

Phase three of the replacement of the asbestos water pipes started more than a year ago, however, the situation has only worsened since then.

Nothing works and the water pressure is ridiculously low. On a WhatsApp group, “Water en Ligte krisis” residents share their frustrations about not having water at all or not having water pressure.

This problem needs to be resolved urgently. The whole of the Onverwacht community has suffered due to (what seems to be) incompetency.

Disturbing reports about water connections not being connected properly, water leaks, storm water ditches that are covered with soil, pipes being laid above the ground and other pipes being laid just underneath the land surface are a reality.

Mogol Post asked the Municipality a few questions in order to try to gain clarity regarding the issue:

  • Mogol Post received information that the municipal officials who were responsible for signing off the contract, did not attend the final inspection and that the contractors threatened to cut off the water supply to Onverwacht if they do not receive the balance of the amount the municipality still owed to them. Is that the case? And if, why were they not present at the final inspection?
  • How did a seemingly incompetent contractor group gain the tender to replace the pipes?
  • Have they been paid in full?
  • What are you going to do to relieve the residents of Onverwacht in regards to the water problems?

These questions were sent to the Lephalale Local Municipality for feedback and answers, however, at the time of going to print, no feedback was received despite the fact that Mogol Post followed up on the matter several times.

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