Water supply scarcity for Marapong

The Mayor of Lephalale, Cllr Jack Maeko, officially launched the water supply enhancement programme in Marapong last year
The Mayor of Lephalale, Cllr Jack Maeko, officially launched the water supply enhancement programme in Marapong last year

MARAPONG — In a statement Lephalale Local Municipality (LLM) confirmed last week that they are aware of the water supply problem to Marapong Township. They ascribed the water supply problem to an increase in population that led to an increase in demand.
The current short to medium term solution to the problem is to manage the water supply. Normal water supply currently starts from 07:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00. Residents are advised to store enough water during these times.
According to the spokesperson of LLM, the Municipality has initiated a project to supplement Marapong water supply with a bulk water pipeline linking Zeeland Water Treatment Works. This should ensure enough capacity to supply both Marapong and Lephalale town. The designs for the projects are completed and were presented to the Department of Water and Sanitation on 5 September 2016 in order to raise funds required to proceed with construction works of the pipeline and associated equipment. The project is aimed at supplying water to Marapong, the heavy industrial area and Exxaro.
The LLM however face some challenges on cost recovery.
The majority of the Marapong residents are working class, but the municipality experiences problems with payment of services in the area. If services were paid regularly and timeously, the council could be in a position to allocate internal or own funds to extend provision of services required to service Marapong Township.
The culture of payment of services also needs to be inculcated to residents as a way to enable the Municipality to render sustainable and effective delivery of services. Some of the indigent households consume more than the allocated volume of 6 kl per month and any consumption above that is not being paid for. They appeal to residents to adhere to water conservation measures to save water as it is really a scarce resource.
“The community should reduce usage of water for gardening purposes and also use buckets to wash their cars etc.” they propose.
The Municipality is also supplying water with water tankers refilling elevated plastic tanks installed at the informal settlements. This water is provided free by the Municipality to the community to ensure that people receive basic level of water supply services.

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