Waterberg Academy matrics shine

Waterberg Academy’s 2016 matric group

VAALWATER — Mark Godfrey, Headmaster of Waterberg Academy, was proud to announce the Academy’s IEB matric results for 2016. Not only is the school once again celebrating a 100% matric pass rate but 87.5% of the class also achieved a BD pass which entitles them to go on to study at University. The matric teachers are “dining out” on these outstanding results and the total of 15 distinctions achieved between the eight matriculants in their Class of 2016.
The results achieved by two individuals which account for 12 of those distinctions are particularly impressive.
Starting at the school in Grade R in 2004, Rachel Calcott spent her entire school career at Waterberg Academy. She was consistently first in class and was awarded a Waterberg Academy Education Trust full scholarship during her high school years. Rachel carried away the DUX award at the 2016 Prize Giving Ceremony. It was therefore no surprise to the School when the IEB National Senior Certificate results were released and she emerged with scores out of the top drawer. Rachel got distinctions in all of her seven matric subjects with 85% her lowest mark and 97% her highest. In addition, Rachel scored 90% for her eighth subject, Advance Programme English, placed in the top 5% of candidates over five subjects, and was in the top 1% in three subjects – Geography, Life Science and Life Orientation.
Rachel is the epitome of the all-rounder, excelling both in the classroom and on the sports fields, where she represented the Academy in every team sport they play. She is also a talented piano and bass guitar player.
Rachel took on the extra subject, Advance Programme English, which is the equivalent of the British system A-Level English, or approximately 1st year university level in South Africa. Preparing the 18 extra novels and plays and the many additional poems were a cinch for this avid reader, who simply devoured all the works necessary. What a loss to literature that this daughter of physicist and local astronomer, Dr Philip Calcott and English teacher at the Academy, Juliet Calcott, should choose the Sciences over English for her tertiary education, said Godfrey.
Tayla Kaè Nicholson began her schooling at the Academy in Grade 3 and was also the recipient of a Waterberg Academy Education Trust full scholarship. She has always expressed the desire to write and has developed a special ability in this area. Looking at her single-minded approach to the serious business of her studies, this is a young lady on a mission and we will one day see her books on sale. “When this happens, I shall be at the head of the queue to purchase her work”, said Godfrey, as I have read her short story submissions in our annual Novella Writing Competitions and this lady has talent.
Tayla Kaè garnered four distinctions and got 70’s in her other three subjects. Her 96% for Life Orientation put her in the top 1% of candidates in that subject.
The Academy is justly proud of these achievements as their learners write the National Senior Certificate on the very high standard set by the Independent Examination Board. The IEB not only sets high standards but also provides a peer monitoring and moderation system which assists each matric teacher get their charges “up to speed” and able to cope with the rigorous assessment process throughout their Grade 12 year.
Godfrey was quick to point out that successful results are usually the outcome of good teaching over a number of years. “Waterberg Academy had a particularly strong teaching faculty this year and there will be no staff changes for 2017,” said Godfrey. “This level of staff stability is sure to impact all the classes of 2017 very positively.”

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