Well done SAPS


LIMPOPO — The Provincial Crime-Intelligent-led-joint operation composed of various Police units such as TRT, Tracking Team, K9 in conjunction with the Department of Home Affairs have yielded positive results.
They have cracked a 15 member crime syndicate: of which two are South Africans and 13 Foreign Nationals. Members are aged between 26 and 53 years old, and are dealing in drugs and dagga. This followed a week-long operation which ended in the early hours of 7 October. The areas focussed on were Modimolle, Bela-Bela, Northam and Thabazimbi.
During this operation, in Modimolle and Bela-Bela the following were recovered: 4 big balls of cat drugs, 5 small balls of cat drugs, 23 sachets of cat drugs and 1 sachet of dagga. In Northam and Thabazimbi, the following were recovered: 3 sachets of cat drugs, 1 ball of cat drugs and two cars which were used to deliver the drugs to their various selling points. The estimated value of all the recovered drugs, dagga and cars is R650 000.
The suspects will appear before their various magistrate courts in the above-mentioned areas.
The following charges were brought against the suspects: Dealing in illicit drugs, Contravention of Immigration Act and using motor vehicles to commit crime. The Provincial Commissioner-LT. General Nneke Jim Ledwaba commended the Units on a job ‘Well-done’. He cautioned all drug dealers that their days are numbered unless they stop their dirty activities. The General have also appealed to all members of the community, Community leaders and structures, to identify unattended houses to their local Police Stations, Municipalities and Tribal Authorities.
These houses should be attended to because they are being used by this type of crime syndicates to destroy our nation. Police investigations are still continuing.

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