What happens to our fingerprints?

LEPHALALE — Mogol Post has been getting a lot of complaints from the public lately regarding the renewal of their driving licenses. People must go back repeatedly to have their fingerprints taken, and to apply for temporary driver’s licenses. The reason provided by the Municipality, is that the fingerprints do not match.

Mogol Post contacted the Communication Manager at the Lephalale Local Municipality to establish what the problem might be. She referred the newspaper to Matome Moremi, Limpopo Roads and Traffic spokesperson. The newspaper finally managed to get in touch with him on Tuesday afternoon and he promised to give feedback within ten minutes. The newspaper had not received any feedback at the time of going to print.

The question the public asks is: How is it possible that so many individuals’ fingerprints do not match? Maybe there is a problem with the municipality’s system?
People must repeatedly take time off from work to go back to the Municipality and re-take their fingerprints.

A temporary driver’s license is only valid for six months, so a new temporary driver’s license must be applied for each time. It takes time and costs money.

Readers who have had to return to the Municipal Traffic Department repeatedly to have their fingerprints taken can send an email to sub@mogolpos.co.za

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