Women are phenomenal

LEPHALALE — A celebration with a difference was recently held in a not so very glamorous setting, created by ordinary women to celebrate phenomenal women.
Earthlife Africa and Elana Greyling recently hosted a celebration for Women’s Month in a garage in Lephalale for women from Shongoane, Seleka, Steenbokpan and Marapong. There were no pomp and ceremony, but, as one guest put it, a queen could have been invited, because every woman was treated as one.
Dalene de Villiers, manager of Mediclinic Lephalale, gave the background on how Women’s Day came about. She celebrated brave woman through the ages and identified a common trait, namely assertiveness. “Being assertive doesn’t mean you are aggressive or arrogant, it means you can stand up for yourself and others and will not allow yourself to become a victim of any form of abuse,” she said. “When we have respect for ourselves, we can raise the next generation to have respect for others.”
Astrid Basson, a municipal councillor, spoke about passion. “Rather than dragging your tired bones from bed in the mornings, ask yourself what makes me shine?” she said. Identifying your passion, may not be as easy as one thinks. But if you think back to your happiest times, it becomes clear. The next question you must ask yourself, is what are you prepared to give up for this passion? Astrid asked the hard questions that will require self-examination, but will give you the choice to live out your passion.
Makoma Lekalakala, newly appointed director of Earthlife Africa, spoke about her passion. She believes that gender equality and environmental justice goes hand in hand. A woman who has made the ultimate sacrifice to devote her life to being a warrior for the environment and people, particularly women’s rights and their responsibility to live sustainably in this environment. She gave the background from which Earthlife and other environmental justice groups started. “If we are passionate about something and if we are prepared to stand up for it, we will make a difference,” this inspiring woman said.
Tharina Rossel, president of the South African Woman’s Agricultural Union, gave a lovely picture presentation with inspiring quotes.
After having tea and snacks, it was time for feedback from the women. “I am full, in body and soul,” one guest said.
The chairperson of Matjoba Young Woman’s group, Tebogo Mocheko, asked some hard-hitting questions: “Sometimes we as young black women have the misperception that all white people have a smooth road in front of them. We have now learnt that this is not the truth. This gave the opportunity for the mentors to share the paths their lives took, the hardships they had faced to be where they are today. This was truly inspiring, for no-one is just an ordinary woman, inspired women are all phenomenal!”

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