Women are the strongest link

LEPHALALE — Women’s Day celebrations, presented by members of the Black Umbrellas (BU), were held at Mosate Guest House on Thursday 22 August from 10:00.

Wendy Ditshetelo, BU Regional Manager, brought the opening message and explained that the purpose of the day was to make women change their mindsets and to establish what truly defines you as a woman.

Phuti Mphelo, a Chartered Accountant and mentor for Black Umbrellas, said the primary purpose of her presentation was to make women tough in their mindsets and for women to do soul searching to fully define who they are.

“Life is a journey, but you should never arrive and sit back. There is always something to learn, and there is always a silver lining in everything,” Phuti said.

“Women are trained to be humble but allow yourself to think big. Business is also about failure.

Businesspeople will often tell you they learnt a lot from failure. Challenges give you perspective.

“We are so trained to listen to what other people say about us. Someone’s opinion of me doesn’t have to be my reality,” she said.

Nkateko Mayimele, Managing Director at Milestone Creative Concepts and currently managing Thabazimbi Country Lodge, started by saying that women are scared to be great. “Fear resides in us, and it holds us back,” she said.

Nkateko explained that every woman should be very intentional who the people in her “front-row” are. Do not trust anyone.

She emphasised the importance of reading and said readers are leaders.

“Stop wishing and start investing in yourself. Stop competing and start collaborating. Build something that will outlive you. Women are legacy builders. If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside will make no difference,” she concluded.

Dorothy Maake-Moyo of Twothy Business Solution shared her entrepreneurial journey.

“God gave us a purpose in life. He gave you skills for you to know what you are good at. It is hard work to become successful; nothing comes easy. Women need to be strong, to have a vision, a choice and commitment,” she said.

She shared her health problems and depression she had to deal with.

“It wasn’t a good time in my life, but there is a lesson in everything. Women are the strongest link because we are feeding the nation. Every day should be Women’s Day,” she concluded.

Some of the other guests also shared their journey, followed by lunch and a networking opportunity for everyone.

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