Women of Change in Lephalale

LEPHALALE — A group of vibrant young women recently met in Marapong to form a new women’s group.

The women, who were invited by Lucy Maake and Elana Greyling, met to discuss issues affecting women in Marapong specifically and in Lephalale in general. There are so many of these crucial issues and so much need in the community that the group decided to start at grass root level: at the environment.

“We cannot survive without an environment: we cannot breathe, drink water, grow food or go on with our lives if we do not take care of the environment first, nothing else will matter much,” Elana Greyling a member of the Concerned Citizens of Lephalale said.

If there is a fight for environmental justice, the role of women, within their families and within their communities, can be looked at, since women are the pivotal point of communities.

The women will soon have their next meeting to formulate the organisation’s vision and start doing exciting, creative and innovative things. “We are ready for change, for moving forward and growing to our full potential,” said Lucy Maake.

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