Women’s Month celebrated —“women need fuel”

LEPHALALE — Civil servants across departments based in Lephalale assembled at Ellisras District Hospital on Thursday 29 August to celebrate Women’s Month.

The celebrations focused on the day to day challenges women face at work, socially and at home.

Women professionals used their respective skills and areas of focus on subjects like domestic violence, sexual assault, reproductive health, dealing with depression, cervical cancer, diet as well as antenatal care to motivate each other.

One of the speakers compared women to a brand-new vehicle without dents that needs proper care.

She said women, like vehicles, need fuel to keep them moving and that fuel is a good diet and a happy lifestyle.

She said that it is rare to find women happy all the time due to the heavyweights they carry daily as part of their responsibilities.

Among the speakers was Lephalale Municipality Council Speaker Reggy Molokomme. She focused on not giving up on a career path. She urged women to support each other morally and in the day to day business.

Businesswoman Mamsy Swanepoel encouraged women never to be ashamed of going an extra mile to provide for their families.

She said a lot of women let things fall apart in their families, fearing to be looked as controlling and disrespecting their partners.

“I speak to you, women with knowledge, that you should use that knowledge to uplift those who find themselves in unfortunate situations. Like the women in 1956 who managed to fight because they managed to unite as a result of the pain they endured.

“We also can use our skills to expand the knowledge that will turn into creating better outcomes for our community and ultimately curb the high rate of unemployment,” she said.

In her conclusion, she told women to apply their efforts to the word CARE, that in her mind stands for commitment, availability, reliability and expression.

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