YOUR CASH and CARS Competition

LEPHALALE — Vegas Bingo hosted a YOUR CASH & CARS promotion over the past five months where participants could win cash, FreePlay, a Nissan Micra and potentially a Nissan X-Trail.

Maki Lebitso, general manager of Vegas Bingo handing over the car keys to Gert Selema

The promotion came to an exciting conclusion on Saturday 25 August, where participants had a chance to win these exciting prizes!

The evening started off with six lucky draws for FreePlay and cash prizes, but the excitement levels went through the roof as Vegas Bingo Lephalale and Rustenburg both went live for the main event where six lucky competitors from Lephalale and Rustenburg each, tried to win a brand-new Nissan X-Trail.

The large number of excited spectators provided a fantastic vibe for the lucky competitors. All they had to do to win was to choose their “cards” right. Competitors merely had to reveal 10 car pictures from the board, however, if three crosses were to be revealed, the competitor is eliminated.

The adrenaline was pumping as competitors from both Lephalale and Rustenburg took turns to try their luck at winning the Nissan X-Trail, but unfortunately none of the 12 participants were lucky enough to select 10 cars before revealing three of the dreaded crosses, leaving the X-Trail without an owner.

Following the event, the draw for a brand-new scarlet Nissan Micra took place. Over the past five months tickets were collected for the draw and the lucky winner was Gert Selema, who drove away with great joy that night!

This concluded the wildly exciting and successful evening at Vegas Bingo Lephalale. De Wet, the manager, invites everyone to visit for more exciting promotions in the future. Vegas Bingo is located in the Mogol Superspar Centre.

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