Zuma zooms in


Leoni Kruger
GA-SELEKA — The communities of Ga-Seleka and surroundings gathered at the Seleka Sports Stadium on Sunday 24 July in order to hear the message from Jacob Zuma, State President of South Africa.
He started his visit at the community hall in Ga-Seleka where he addressed elderly people, traditional and religious leaders as well as ordinary residents ahead of a rally at the local stadium to win supporters for the ANC.
He said that the ANC was established during an era when there were lots of problems, challenges and oppression, but today they are the leading party.
He took a swipe at opposition parties, telling the elderly in Ga-Seleka that they must not waste their votes on any other party as they only talk about dreams and aspirations, but they will never govern the country. They only want seats in parliament.
He spared no party and accused the DA (Democratic Alliance) of being a child of the National Party. “A snake bears a snake” he said. He said that COPE (Congress of the People) are formed by “losers” who couldn’t fit in at the ANC. He described the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) as ill-disciplined and that their leader, Julius Malema, is a “youngster without any manners”.
He warned voters to take their time and choose carefully because in 2014 confused voters voted for African Independent Congress (AIC) giving them a seat in parliament.
Members of the EFF marched through the streets and around the community centre and one of them said to Mogol Post that they were not there to “fight” but only to show that they are present and to show all that the EFF is a party to take note of. They came in peace.

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